The Trainings

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The trainings available on site at the customer or online

(In)Secure C++ - Sec Edition

Training aimed at providing an introduction for security professionals to the area of security for native applications.

(In)Secure C++ - Secure Coding Practices in C++

Training aimed at providing a foundation for C++ programmers in security for native applications.

Mod(C++) Fundamentals - Introduction to C++

Mod(C++) Fundamentals is a two-day training course. It is ideal for new hires that have little to no experience in C++.

Mod(C++) Intermediate - More advanced topics

Mod(C++) Intermediate is a two-day training course. It is ideal for people who have some C++ experience or that have taken Mod(C++) Fundamentals.

Customized DevSecOps Coaching

Integrating Security in an existing organization is a custom process which has to be tailored to the company, product and market.