26 Jun 2019

TurtleSec's new web developer

TurtleSec's newest employee will work part-time on the development of the company's website.

Welcome Sara to TurtleSec

The name of the newest employee here at TurtleSec is Sara Aas, and in the coming months she will take on some of the responsibility for the development of this website. She has been working part-time with quality assurance at FINN.no since the start of 2018, helping them improve their flight search. She will keep doing that while working for us.

Starting this fall, Sara will study Language Technology at the University of Oslo, as she dreams of improving computer translations, making information accessible to people regardless of what languages they know. She took web development classes her second year of high school, in addition to three years of Spanish and two of Latin. Last fall she took a semester of Latin at the university while in her last year of high school.

We wish her the best of luck with all her endeavours!