04 Jun 2018

Web Rebels 2018

Patricia is attending Web Rebels for the first time, and is excited to learn more about the cutting edge of web

Opening Web Rebels 2018

Web Rebels is a one track conference with a deep roots in the Web Development community. Patricia was honored to open the conference this year with her talk “Reading Other People’s Code”. In the talk she talks about techniques for creating your own mental model from unfamiliar code. In the talk she also goes into empathy and team culture.

The talks

Over the two days there was a wide variety of talks, on things from hand-coding WebAssembly to using A-Frame to build VR games. The culture and community around the conference created a unique atmosphere.

Reading Other People’s Code

Someone else’s code. Even worse, thousands of lines, maybe hundreds of files of other peoples code. Is there a way to methodically read and understand other peoples work, build their mental models? In thi s talk I will go through techniques I have developed throughout 18 years of programming. Hopefully you will walk away with a plan on how to approach a new code base. But even more I hope you walk away wit h a feeling of curiosity, wanting to get to know your fellow programmers through their code.

Presented at Web Rebels 2018

Reading Other Peoples Code (Web Rebels 2018) from Pat ricia Aas